The Interview with Sabrina Goh: The Thai Textile Project at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Bangkok

October 2, 2013

Thai Textile fashion exhibition “The Contemporarist by OCAC” is part of the Cultural Creative Economy Development Project. The event, in its 3rd year, remains to encourage designers to value Thai Textile and adapt them to contemporary designs in order to create an new image which resonates Thai identity. The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture […]

Summer Camp with Bruce Weber in Miami

May 3, 2010

Sometimes when you are discourage from the reality, your nerves start to get sensitive on everything which you see, hear & feel. All these whisperers, or consider a Rhema, sounds very encouraging. My friend/¬†Photographer Sazeli Jalal had recently posted a video of “Summer Camp with Bruce Weber in Miami” at facebook. A series of 5 […]

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

February 12, 2010

It was devastated for me to know the truth of McQueen’s death last night through Twitter. The night seems a little different and filled with sadness. Until this morning, i still can’t get over this. His death reminds me of my dreams at age of 17. My first fashion hero is McQueen with his collection […]