ELOHIM Spring Summer 15 : Broken Beauty

By SABRINAGOH, January 23, 2015

APRIL APRON SKIRTHardpressed but not crushed
Perplexed but not in despair
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed

ELOHIM Spring / Summer 15 takes inspiration from Kintsugi, the Japanese aesthetic art of repair, in which broken pottery is carefully restored with silver and gold lacquer by a master craftsman. An accidental art, Kintsugi emerged in the 15th century when a shogun sought a more pleasing method of repairing a broken tea bowl. Rather than hiding its flaws, Kintsugi displays the moment of brokenness as a part of the object’s history.

Kintsugi – image credit from Sangbleu.com

Probing the line between base and lofty, commonplace and high art, the collection meditates on the beauty of brokenness past. In a similar way that patterns of cloth are cut, assembled and then pieced together to form a garment fit for purpose, so does the process of breaking and healing form our ultimate identities and character.

Broken beauty, fractured to be formed.

In the aftermath of destruction, the creative restoration act that puts things back together again.

Reflecting this ethos, dominating the visual language of the collection are cracked textures digitally printed on fabric that become the recurring motif. The concept of broken beauty is literally woven in, with articulated statements embroidered and printed onto the garments like wearable scriptures.

Broken Beauty

Broken Beauty

A continuous of the signature ELOHIM look, the collection features the strong geometry and androgyny of the brand’s archetypal silhouettes, witnessed in the oversize shirts, apron skirt and pant layers, slits and angular cuts. Folds and knife pleats add a further playful yet understated dimensionality, as the physical movement of the wearer reveals positive spaces of white unprinted fabric that stand in contrast with the sensible, confident color palette of black, blue, and grey.

Tying all this together is the notion of the ELOHIM woman whose strength is found in her vulnerability. Looking forward with future-focused confidence, she embraces life with all its scars and glimpses the other side of beauty: imperfection.

View ELOHIM full collection of Spring / Summer 15 here.

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