The Interview with Sabrina Goh: The Thai Textile Project at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Bangkok

By SABRINAGOH, October 2, 2013

Thai Textile fashion exhibition “The Contemporarist by OCAC” is part of the Cultural Creative Economy Development Project. The event, in its 3rd year, remains to encourage designers to value Thai Textile and adapt them to contemporary designs in order to create an new image which resonates Thai identity.

The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC) is extremely honored that this activity gathered collaboration from designers throughout Thailand. This is the first collaborative project between the OCAC and Vogue Thailand to showcase the great combination between Thai and international benchmark. In a way, Thai Cultural Heritage can appropriately be developed to suit modern trends.

Furthermore, OCAC extends deep gratitude to Thai Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupation and Related Techniques under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen (SUPPORT) and Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile for allowing showcase designers to use textile from SUPPORT as the main material in all creative designs. Also, we are highly positive that this activity will inspire young designers and visitors alike to value Thai Textile which enhances its economic value and promote creative thinking.


Here is the interview done by Office of Contemporary Art and Culture with Sabrina Goh for the project:

Q: Due to the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture threw you the idea of using Thai Textile, what was your first thought of Thai Textile material? Why do you think of that?

A: My first impression of Thai Textile is cultural fabrication which used for traditional Thai garments. I never thought that i would use Thai Silk to produce my designs until i saw the fabrication that delivered to me. It was very modern but never lose its cultural touch in the fabric design. To have the mix between cultural and modern gives me a lot of inspiration and it turns out something new and stunning in Thai Textile. 

Q: At first when you received the textiles, what was your first idea or inspiration to create the collection?

A: I am inspired by Corvid’s fearless and incredible boldness, intelligent and wary character, protective and territorial behavior. Adapting Corvid’s strong characteristic and its form, i create a collection focusing structure, wing inspired designs, angular cuts, oversized sleeves garment, overlapping and layering details.

Q: How do you feel when Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture approached you to have a show at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out?

A: I am honored and surprised that Office of Contemporary Art and Culture invited me to showcase at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is famous throughout the globe, to be part of this event is really something i could never dream of. 

Q: Because of this project of Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture tries to preserve and continue Thai textiles to be in mind of new generation of Thai people and to support new blood designers to be well known and giving them opportunity to showcase their works both domestic and internationally. As you are international designer, how do you feel and think of the project?

A: The project is a very good initiative and gives me a lot of thought in life as a designer. I was invited to showcase last year at ASEAN +3 showcase and learned the history of Thai Textile and how Queen Sirikit provides many working opportunities for Thai people to make Thai Silk and her persistence in wearing one during her visitation to different countries, it is very inspiring. As a designer, i would think there is possibility that we will be using Thai Silk one day for our collection because of its quality, the feel and touch of the fabrication. On the other hand, it also gives me a lot of inspirations on how fashion designers like us can make a difference in our own culture in our country, to make a living and provide a living for others.



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