ELOHIM Fall Winter 2013: The Lady of Woods Collection

By simonne, July 3, 2013

Birch Moodboard

“In apparent weakness there is often to be found great strength.”

Birches are predominant pioneer trees which readily colonize open grounds, yet they are able to share habitat with other trees. Appearing thin, fragile and delicate, they are extremely hardy and resistant to environmental aggressions, where many “hardier” trees cannot survive.

Inspired from Birches’ strong characteristics, this collection portrays its strong inner-self, with the intention of magnifying this perspective on SABRINAGOH’s wearers. Here, she enhances and offers pieces that are focused on personal style, without much effort of wanting to transform the user itself. Fall Winter 2013 was created with masculinity and voluminous cuts to complement one’s personality, elevating one’s self confidence and bringing out that fearlessly-outspoken character.

Focused on clean cut lines, with lots of tailored collar and lapels in this collection, garments were structured, giving users’ commanding silhouettes, bringing out a poised and sharp look. Dark-coloured palette of black, grey, blue and oxford blood further intensifies the embodied strong look.

Dual fabrication of structural and soft materials such as thin rib and leather, together with two different cuts – the fitted and oversized cuts, were juxtaposed to bring out a balance. Creating harmony and blending the juxtaposition – The wearer and the garment.

Flora and bark digital prints were experimented for the first time, together with our premier collaboration with Swarovski Elements. Fine cut crystals are distinctively featured on limited pieces, refining garments elegantly in its entirety.

Look out for ELOHIM’s Fall Winter 2013 The Lady of Woods Collection, coming soon!

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