SPRING SUMMER 2013: Behind The Scenes Part II

By simonne, October 18, 2012

As promised, we’re revealing the behind the scenes for our SPRING SUMMER 2013 Collection’s photo shoot! We’ve always seen beautiful editorial magazine cover page photos, but for most of us, we probably would not know what is going on behind that beautiful photo. So here are some photos to let you guys have an idea of what goes on behind that photo.

After one week of preparation beforehand, such as sourcing for accessories, making sure the accessories bring out the whole style of the photo shoot theme, packing, doing of props, it’s finally the day for our photo shoot!


Once we unpacked everything in the studio, we had to start steaming the clothes, while the models start doing up their makeup.

Models go on set for the photoshoot!

2 hours into the photo shoot and its lunch time! However, our models and photographer are still busy in the midst of the photo shoot.

Its time to change the set for the lookbook’s photos, as well as LIGHT SPRING SUMMER 2013 Campaign. Through the LIGHT’s Campaign, everyone in the studio definitely had so much fun watching the models on set. It was definitely a joy to witness such a scene in the midst of a photo shoot!

And it’s a wrap at 6PM! It was a tiring day for everyone, but definitely a productive day, as well as an eye opener to what goes behind all those beautiful editorial covers! Stay tuned as we launch the SPRING SUMMER 2013 Collection at FUTURE FASHION NOW and reveal some sneak peeks to what goes behind all that glamorous looks on the runway real soon!

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