Uncovering Behind The Scene: ELOHIM Fall Winter 10

By SABRINAGOH, August 5, 2010

New collection launch is always exciting, especially when it takes few months of brainstorming hardworks. This time, we are very thankful to work with Sazeli Jalal & Shah Reens again who took beautiful pictures & hair/make up for  ELOHIM  past season collections’ campaign.

Our Fall collection is inspired by Poison Ivy. We want to illustrate  a lover, a fighter and a femme fatale. A poisonous plant, a Marvel comic character from the Batman series. A metaphor for the modern woman, alluring others and defending herself.

There are many thoughts/ concepts & setting in the shoot. For example the sign of danger on red flooring- contrast with greenish backdrop & rich colourful floral for the metaphor of poisonous plant. It was a successful shoot  from head to toe, the sets, the make up, the expression etc.

Now, here are some behind the scene photos :)

Behind the scene crew:

Photographer: Sazeli Jalal
Hair & Make Up: Shah Reens
Designer: Sabrina Goh
Photographer Assistant: Farhan Darhma
Special Thanks to Jason & Jason

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