By SABRINAGOH, July 10, 2010

Lovely, yet lethal. Vivacious, yet vulnerable. Venomous, if provoked.

 ELOHIM’s Fall Winter 2010 collection is inspired by the concept metaphor of POISON IVY:

 A lover, a fighter and a femme fatale. A poisonous plant, a Marvel comic character from the Batman series. A metaphor for the modern woman, alluring others and defending herself.

 POISON IVY is a walking contradiction and mysterious creature. A woman who inspires delicate romance and deadly reaction, depending on the needs from moment to moment.


The collection exudes romance and danger by exploring the metaphorical and physical attributes of POISON IVY. It showcases a spectrum of colour, material, construction and proportion to express the properties of the character.

 Luscious green, charcoal shades and luxurious purple combine with exaggerated folds, floral-inspired ruffles and fluid draping to reflect the opposing aspects of a human personality who is beautiful on the outside but poisonous on the inside.

 There are multiple ways of wearing one outfit, and simple cuts are oversized to sculpt her intriguing silhouette. Decorative open-ended zippers with bias-cut satin trimming are emphasized in the front and back. A dramatic sweeping cape reminds us of the superhero potentials of this transformable wonderwoman, and her contagious beauty.


 “The collection is inspired by contemporary woman in society- beautiful outside but poisonous inside. I researched different poisonous plants that have some “skills” to protect themselves when someone attacks them to achieve the silhouette inspired by the image of the flower and plant.”

 Embracing the duality of this adaptable woman, rising local fashion designer Sabrina Goh’s fourth collection charts the current evolution of her exploration of female form in the contemporary context.


 Come hither – only if you dare.


Photography: Sazeli Jalal; Hair & make up: Shah Reens; Model: Olesya P from Upfront Models.

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