Summer Camp with Bruce Weber in Miami

By SABRINAGOH, May 3, 2010

Sometimes when you are discourage from the reality, your nerves start to get sensitive on everything which you see, hear & feel. All these whisperers, or consider a Rhema, sounds very encouraging.

My friend/ Photographer Sazeli Jalal had recently posted a video of “Summer Camp with Bruce Weber in Miami” at facebook. A series of 5 episodes talk about behind the scenes with Famous Fashion Designers & Models like Alexander Wang, Rodarte, Danielle Scout, Gareth Pugh, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Diara Werbowy and many more are truely inspiring.

Can you imagine those famous people are starting with the same ground or having the same vision and dream like you?

Some inspiring quotes from the Designers:

I dont have a clue what i was doing at all, because it is just me, doing all by myself. – Gareth Pugh/Fashion Designer.

We are completely independent, we dont have outside funding at any level. At certain point is like to compete will shows that we are spending so much money and having the ability of developing, even from creating samples and you want to do more. – Rodarte/Fashion Designer

You cant keep & just producing collection that just end on the runway.- Gareth Pugh/Fashion Designer

I think in the begining it’s just about finding that balance of what can you do to make it works. You know there’s always a way, there’s always a solution.- Alexander Wang/Fashion Designer

You are  kind of just have to really believing of what you believing. – Alexander Wang/Fashion Designer

People listen if you put all your life on what you believe, so faith takes you to future- Rosamosario/Fashion Designer

You dont know everything overnight and you cant. And i feel like the only thing you can do is trying it with all your guts, that it!- Rodarte/Fashion Designer 

The reality is that you just cant stop, no matter what someone will necessarily say to you. First and foremost, you really need the drives, you need some boosts to do the collection and have everybody sitting and they are about to talk about your works whether is good or bad…


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