12cm x 4cm copy


By SABRINAGOH, January 4, 2010

12cm x 4cm copy

On Thursday 7th January 2010, “UNCOVERED” will be Reckless Ericka and ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh’s one week pop-up store. This collaboration between Reckless Ericka and ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh is the sequel to the “Blueprint Fashion Show” at the Audi Fashion Festival 2009 in May, where both labels shared the same stage.

Located at Stamford House #01-13 for one week only, 7th January to 13th January 2010, Reckless Ericka and Elohim by Sabrina Goh will be retailing the Spring/ Summer 2010 collections, “ESCAPISM” and “BOD MOD” respectively. Besides the current collections, their past collections will also be up for sale.


ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh
Spring/Summer 2010

The Spring Summer 2010 ELOHIM collection is inspired by body modification – the act of adding to, cutting and customizing the body, to extend the concept of self.

People who modify their bodies seek to recreate themselves. The body is a glove for the mind; to be studded is to be safe from harm. To lace up, to zip up, to wear courage, over and above our being.
Taking this idea to its full expression, the collection sees extruding body shapes and extended shoulder lines. The silhouette is sculpted and decorated with frills, simple cuts are oversized and prolonged. Skin, body and hair are emphasized with frontal, declarative fringe details.

The collection is an anatomy of bodily modification, with braids, studs, pads and trains in strange places that have evolved into a larger-than-life skin for a less-than-invincible self. An Edward Scissorhands get-up, an armour too big for the wearer, for the creature hiding behind the garment.

These garments amplify and conceal at the same time, as the wearer adjusts her outward expression to suit a distressed world, as strong as she is vulnerable.




Spring/Summer 2010

Detached from the real world, the 2nd collection “ESCAPISM” captures the notion of an individual crossing into an ethereal state where time stands still. Moving as a flow of one’s journey through the surreal sub-consciousness, the collection exposes the intricacy of the human mind – from innocence to the curious discovery of the wilder and elaborate side, veering into the darker and sinister side of the human psyche, and then finally succumbing to ashen ambivalence.

ESCAPISM is a mind trip of distorted silhouettes as generous drapes mould the body of the wearer. Using the luxuriously soft and eco-friendly Modal fabric and Bamboo jerseys to create structural, as well as, inorganic drapery, it effectively harmonizes the form of the expressive human body.

The collection catches you in the repetitive cycle of your innermost subliminal state, where it evokes a numbing cacophony of visions and senses.
Evade from reality and indulge in the figment of your imagination.




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