ELOHIM Spring Summer 2010- Bod Mod Collection

By SABRINAGOH, January 23, 2010

ELOHIM Spring Summer 2010 collection is inspired by body modification – the act of adding to, cutting and customizing the body, to extend the concept of self.

People who modify their bodies seek to recreate themselves. The body is a glove for the mind; to be studded is to be safe from harm. To lace up, to zip up, to wear courage, over and above our being.

Taking this idea to its full expression, the collection sees extruding body shapes and extended shoulder lines. The silhouette is sculpted and decorated with frills, simple cuts are oversized and prolonged. Skin, body and hair are emphasized with frontal, declarative fringe details.

The collection is an anatomy of bodily modification, with braids, studs, pads and trains in strange places that have evolved into a larger-than-life skin for a less-than-invincible self. An Edward Scissorhands get-up, an armour too big for the wearer, for the creature hiding behind the garment.

These garments amplify and conceal at the same time, as the wearer adjusts her outward expression to suit a distressed world, as strong as she is vulnerable.







For more information, please visit http://www.sabrinagoh.com

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